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Transparent polyester bottle is now high-quality fruit juice

a manufacturer of orange juice and grapefruit juice uses a new type of polyester as the material of plastic packaging bottle. The bottle body is clear and transparent without peculiar smell, which fully shows the good quality of the product and can extend the shelf life

freshco, a producer of orange juice and grapefruit juice, has been facing a challenge since it was founded seven years ago, that is, how to make its products unique in the consumer goods market controlled by big brands. Bernie McBee, vice president and general manager of the company, said, "we have to compete with big brands in the market every day, and it is difficult to imagine. Fruit juice is a typical daily consumer goods, so we must have our own characteristics to make our products different from other competitors. The most important factor is the perceived taste, color and quality."

The citrus base of freshco is located in the center of the Indian River citrus planting area. McBee said that this area has been famous for producing the world's most sweet and fresh citrus for more than a century. Freshco's freshly squeezed new materials industry in India has basically achieved the goal of the '1025' plan. N River selec premium fruit juice is sterilized here and filled on site to produce orange juice and grapefruit juice that are said to be more delicious than anywhere

constantly seeking solutions

in order to convey the message that fruit juice is fresh and delicious to consumers, freshco needs its product packaging to be highly transparent and clear. The company has tried several materials, but none of them can meet the requirements of quality and clarity required for fruit juice packaging bottles. So freshco adopted Eastman Chemical's Eastar new copolyester material. Using Eastar materials, freshco introduced a juice bottle with a handle with a capacity of 64 ounces, a long neck and big belly packaging bottle with a capacity of 1 liter, and a disposable juice bottle with a capacity of 16 ounces

at present, all products of freshco use the brand of Indian River select. At the beginning, an opaque HDPE packaging bottle with a capacity of 1 liter was used, and later it was replaced by a PVC packaging bottle with a capacity of 64 ounces and a handle. This kind of bottle has better transparency, but it is not the most ideal. However, as McBee said, PVC bottles will cause some product quality problems. He said, "you will taste the taste of some chemicals brought by PVC in the product. Customers have been complaining that there is always a lingering taste of non fruit juice that can regulate all parts in real time."

to solve the problem of strange smell and improve the transparency of packaging, freshco chose a PET packaging bottle with a capacity of 64 ounces and an independent bite handle. George Huber, a marketing staff member of Eastman company, explained that the reason for using the independent handle is that PET material is not suitable for the production process of extrusion/blow molding, which is used to manufacture containers with handles. He said, "PET bottles need to be preformed with a mold first, and then formed with a stretch mold in the second step. General PET materials cannot be used for extrusion/blow molding."

although PET bottles have solved the problems of strange smell and low transparency of PVC bottles previously encountered by freshco, consumers are now complaining about the bite handle. McBee said, "the biting handle can't be fixed, and consumers don't like it." So the company turned back to PVC materials

shaping high-quality transparent polyester bottles

at the same time, CKS packaging, the original PVC bottle supplier of freshco, obtained a new Eastar polyester raw material from Eastman Chemical, which has high fusion power and toughness, is specially designed for extrusion/blow molding tools, and also has transparency almost comparable to glass

Cortland Jenkins, the market development manager of durable goods and food packaging of Eastman Chemical Company, said that Eastar polyester is an ideal material for making packaging bottles with extrusion/blow molding molds. It can be used for both handle design and customer customized design, and can perfectly combine flexible design and customer needs with the aesthetic art of clear water and bright luster

users who need to buy high and low temperature impact testing machines hope to find a reliable manufacturer of high and low temperature impact testing machines. In the spring of 2003, freshco company began to carefully design 64 ounce packaging bottles, and at the same time, adjust various parameters and molds of CKS machinery to adapt to this new resin material. Before releasing this new bottle in the spring of 2004, freshco introduced two other packaging designs to expand the functional range of Eastar

McBee said that the first design is a very simple disposable bottle with a capacity of about 16 ounces, which is used to contain orange juice and grapefruit juice, replacing the bottle with a capacity of 12 ounces. And this kind of packaging bottle is the easiest to produce. He also said, "the reason for increasing the size is that the market competition is mainly concentrated in the range of 16 ounces."

mcbee said that then freshco released a packaging bottle with a capacity of 1 liter and a opening of 70 mm. With its clear and transparent appearance, the bottle of this design is very eye-catching on the shelf, and its reusable feature also brings more uses. Freshco is very satisfied with the good protective performance provided by Eastar materials, which makes freshco cold packaged and refrigerated products have a shelf life of up to 65 days

mcbee believes that it is obvious that Eastar polyester resin provides freshco with the best packaging material, which can meet the company's requirements for transparency, quality and convenience

the market responded well

mcbee said: "The packaging bottle can show the quality of our fruit juice. We want to let consumers clearly see that our fruit juice products are the best. We can receive some positive feedback from consumers almost every week. They say our products are quite good, because our orange juice looks like real orange juice, and our grapefruit juice is really red. They can see that our fruit juice is obviously different from the fruit juice they have drunk before."

with the transparent performance and flexible design characteristics of Eastar polyester materials, combined with providing consumers with a variety of convenient packaging, our products have been significantly different from those of competitors, improving our position in the market. "

a transparent bubble packaging adhesive film made of Eastman Chemical's PETG resin material. The product is packaged by surgical bandaging during this operation, which can not only ensure the aseptic state of the product packaging, but also make it transparent and visible, so that the correct size of the equipment can be clearly identified

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