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Energy saving driver in rubber injection machine

in terms of the production of molded rubber products, about 30% of the energy is supplied to the driver. Although the cost of energy only accounts for a small percentage compared with the cost of the completion of the whole product, especially the part of the driver, the application of intelligent systems will make it possible to save energy

the fully automatic rubber injection machine can run for up to 6000 hours a year to avoid strain and the elongation gradually decreases and vibrates, so that the production cycle can reach about 100000. The time of a complete cycle is between 30 seconds and a few minutes. This is mainly because during the processing process, when the driver in the rubber machine idles, there is a certain rest time for the machine

at present, the motor of this mainstream driver is connected with an electric/hydraulic regulating pump, and its energy consumption is mainly in the form of heat. In addition, idling and cleaning activities reduce the efficiency of the drive system and greatly affect the working time of the machine

the pressure on the driver requires corresponding idling energy. In contrast, the concept of electric drive, in which electric energy is converted through the translational motion of direct machine parts, achieves higher efficiency and processing speed. In the field of natural rubber processing, technological requirements such as transmission process, as well as various energy intensive operations, limit the technical efficiency of pure power system

mapland's cold drive technology connects the driving efficiency of the hydraulic drive system with the energy efficiency of the electric drive. Modern driven system technology is connected with a motor pump with variable speed, which reduces the power consumption of the main area of the driver by about 70%. In addition, the use of cold drive technology has significantly reduced the cost, which is mainly achieved by oil drainage cooling and greatly reducing the idle connection of power supply. Another advantage is that the noise of the system can be significantly reduced by 50%

during the machine cycle, a newly designed software and hardware unit takes over the flow control in the hydraulic system. Energy distribution is accomplished by hydraulic components. If there is no movement in the machine, the drive will automatically stop moving, and at the same time, there will be no energy demand in the system

due to the distribution of hydraulic power, the additional movement related to processing technology and hydraulic drive will no longer be limited. In this way, it can be understood that, for example, a low-cost hydraulic demoulding device is realized in the usual way

the typical application of cold drive system in rubber injection molding machine makes the forward gravity up to 3000 kn. Compared with the hydraulic drive currently used, the design of the cold drive system makes the operation speed of a single machine significantly faster. The resulting shortening of the cycle also brings additional benefits

an obvious option to provide effective amortization time for the system is based on the current energy cost calculation within one year:

machine: mhf400/300e2

time period: 73 seconds

tools: gaskets, hot runner system operating for 6000 hours per hour, automatic demoulding

energy cost: 0.12 euro/kWh

cost reduced by cold drive 1480 euro

note: by reducing oil cooling, 300m3 of cooling water and 5400 kwh of cooling capacity can be saved. And the additional benefits of reducing idle current consumption are not included

new drive concepts have been applied to C-type machines and horizontal machines

through effective drivers, the driving speed and the possibility of machine application, including the productivity of precision silicone rubber and thermoplastic elastomer, have been further improved

in the C-type testing machine, a large number of new programs can be run. This selective logical movement allows Maplan's customers to build additional functions themselves. This Maplan control system can realize the control of functions and the measurement of directions without additional programming work, regardless of the type of actuator with large oil output from the oil return pipe of the drive and delivery valve

since then, in addition to speed, energy consumption has also been optimized, and the best way to reduce costs is to achieve rapid processing. Because of this, the new driver will also be used in horizontal machines, which are used to produce thin-walled gasket components because of their short cycle time

the best vulcanization time is obtained through Maplan cure2 operation in China. Under the condition of constant rubber vulcanization rate and stable quality, the machine equipped with this system can optimize the production cycle without the intervention of operators

as the third generation machine, this version is applicable to the most economical rubber injection machine in Europe. This version, like other mapland machines, is produced in Europe. Many parts of this machine are produced in Europe, together with the assembly of this machine. (end)

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