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Pallet sharing system is about to start

in 2006, domestic pallet manufacturing enterprises gradually developed to scale, and began to pay attention to the development and utilization of new technologies, new materials and new processes. Foreign large and medium-sized pallet manufacturing enterprises stepped up the pace of building factories and strategic layout in China, including some internationally renowned pallet sharing system companies and pallet leasing companies. At the same time, the China pallet sharing system, led and promoted by the Pallet Professional Committee of China Federation of logistics and purchasing, has launched preliminary preparations and is expected to start substantive business operations in the first half of 2007

I. The overall output of wooden pallets decreased

in 2006, China's pallet market generally maintained the trend of 2005 and still occupied a dominant position in the market share, but the overall output showed a downward trend. On the whole, the market demand for wooden pallets is large, but the supply of raw materials can not keep up, which affects the stable development of the enterprise. In response to this situation, large and medium-sized enterprises have gradually changed their mode of operation and began to give up part of the low-end market in a planned way. At the same time, some enterprises began to turn their goals to new product development, such as products with relatively high added value, such as wainscot pallet boxes

it is expected that in 2007, wooden pallet manufacturers will maintain the production pattern of 2006. Wood prices are expected to maintain an upward trend, so enterprises will make more efforts in product added value and product differentiation

Second, plastic pallets are in a period of rapid growth

plastic pallets continued to maintain a high growth rate in 2006. Statistics show that pallets in China are increasing at a rate of no less than 20million/year, of which plastic pallets account for about 8%. In 2006, the new process of plastic tray driven by the tobacco and pharmaceutical industries, the technology of steel inserts in plastic tray, was widely used in the whole plastic tray manufacturing enterprises, thus driving the product upgrading and major technological innovation of the whole industry

in recent years, the average renewal rate and growth rate of plastic pallets have been maintained at about 20%, and the number of plastic pallets used in petrochemical, tobacco, food, pharmaceutical and transportation industries has doubled. In terms of the current domestic production capacity of plastic pallets, it will take 5 to 10 years before the supply and demand balance can be basically achieved. Therefore, plastic pallets are in a period of rapid growth in China

20 interface temperature 2007 will be a year of rapid development of plastic pallets. Protect the environment and replace wood with plastic. The development of international and domestic logistics industry has provided a huge market for the development of plastic pallets. It is an inevitable trend for plastic pallets to replace wood pallets and become modular leading products in the future

at least four foreign-funded enterprises will start market operations in 2007. At the same time, a number of large domestic enterprises, especially petrochemical enterprises, are preparing to enter the plastic pallet manufacturing industry with a high profile. The plastic tray market may be reshuffled in 2007

III. steel pallets have become the highlight of market growth

the growth of metal pallets has become the highlight of the market in 2006, and metal pallets with superstructure have become the focus of growth. At present, steel pallets are used most in the automotive industry, followed by dairy products industry and paper industry. At the same time, the demand for personalized pallets, especially the special design for a single product, is the focus of market demand. The demand for general-purpose steel flat pallets is also gradually rising

in 2007, the use of steel pallets will be more popular, and the flat pallets with new structure and new technology will seize the market of plastic pallets. Some foreign professional steel pallet manufacturing enterprises will enter the Chinese market

IV. The technology of plastic wood pallet needs to be upgraded urgently.

the application of plastic wood materials in China is still in the primary stage, mainly because the level of technology and technology restricts the development of plastic wood pallet. Although the national development and Reform Commission included plastic wood materials in the special project of "new materials for national high-tech industrialization" as early as 2003, it was restricted by various reasons. The market promotion of plastic wood materials is seriously backward. At the same time, plastic wood composites still have disadvantages, such as its toughness is lower than that of the parent material due to the dissipative property of elastomer, and the properties of composites are easy to vary. Therefore, plastic wood pallets are in urgent need of technological upgrading of products

in 2007, with the appeal of production enterprises, scientific research institutions, experts and scholars, plastic wood and composite pallets will be more recognized and supported, and their use proportion will also be increased

v. the national standard for pallets is about to be officially released

the national standard for pallets has always been the bottleneck that plagues the healthy development of China's pallet industry. In addition, at the end of 2005, the state specially designated the tray Professional Committee of China Federation of logistics and purchasing to organize and implement the revision of the national pallet standard, led by the National Logistics Standardization Committee. After nearly a year of research, the market demand for non-ferrous metal products has been difficult to increase significantly. The draft of the new national standard for pallets was submitted to the relevant national departments for approval at the end of 2006, and it is expected to be officially released in January 2007

VI. construction of pallet sharing system

by the end of 2006, five foreign pallet sharing system companies had established companies or liaison offices in China, and four of them had begun to carry out preliminary business in key cities in China. Domestically, the China pallet sharing system, which has been advocated and promoted by the Pallet Professional Committee of the China Federation of logistics and purchasing for many years, has also entered substantive preparatory work, and is expected to be officially established and put into operation in early 2007

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