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Transportation application - the new fulcrum of the leap of RFID industry

> many people believe that the application of RFID in social production and life is almost endless. Theoretically, as long as it involves the management of mobile objects, it may involve the implementation and application of RFID. As ouyangyu, Secretary general of the RFID industry alliance, said, "RFID technology has infinite imagination in application". Human beings have everything from food packaging to national security, Both have been covered by the RFID market, and the huge industry created thereby is enough to build a wealth empire. However, theory belongs to theory and reality belongs to reality. Nowadays, few people believe this theory to weave the bright prospects of the industry

because we all know that RFID is no longer a new technology. This premature baby came into being during the "World War II". It applies non-contact automatic identification technology and uses radio frequency non-contact two-way communication to automatically identify and obtain data. Then in the decades after its birth, RFID was always like a child who was spoiled in the greenhouse but never grew up. Until the 1990s, due to the expansion of security measures from the minority to the public, the expansion of commodity circulation from a small scope to the global scope, and the desire and scope of the flow of people and vehicles have become increasingly broad, RFID will often mislead the evaluation of carton suppliers or cause the collapse of carton packaging to bring losses, and begin to justify itself, RFID can also be called an industry at this time

there is one of the largest RFID application projects in the world in China, that is, China's second-generation ID card project. This project enables 1.3 billion Chinese people to have zero distance access to RFID. Among the more than 10 million tickets for the 2008 Olympic Games, each Olympic ticket is equipped with an RFID electronic chip, which can effectively identify the information of the ticket holder. With the convening of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the RFID market in China is becoming more and more dynamic, and there are more and more opportunities. In May, 2008, Shenzhen International smart card and RFID Technology Exhibition and procurement fair was successfully held in Shenzhen; In July, the smart card and electronic label application delegation of China Information Industry Chamber of Commerce paid a visit to the United States; On September 9, the 2008 cross strait Integrated Circuit Industry Development Summit Forum and the Establishment Ceremony of the RFID industry alliance of the three places on both sides of the Taiwan Strait were held. The followers of this market are willing to believe that China's RFID will be ready in 2008, and the Olympic Games will be a turning point for RFID

although we say that the application scope of RFID is unprecedented, which field is the most successful and recognized by the industry? We are fond of talking about the mandatory implementation of RFID in the purchased goods by Wal Mart and other large retail enterprises around the world. We are amazed at the world's largest RFID application project, but some people say that transportation is the most successful industry in the application field of RFID at present. For example, Shenzhen Yuanwang Valley, the only RFID enterprise listed in China, is famous for its railway locomotive number identification system (which has covered 18 railway bureaus and more than 70000 kilometers of railway lines) with the largest sensitivity in China as a sign to measure physical instruments; The non-stop toll collection system of Lianhe Expressway under implementation and operation in all provinces; Stretching of non-metallic materials, parts, components and components of RFID charging systems in thousands of parking lots across the country; Automatic weighing system for vehicles in factories all over the country; Bus station vehicle entry and exit management system; Customs vehicle entry and exit inspection system; RFID environmental protection information card system for urban vehicle environmental protection detection in Beijing (involving a total capacity of 3million vehicles); There are also BRT Systems being implemented in many cities...

what interests us most is that some experts believe that RFID will play a very important role in the current hot process of transportation informatization. Transportation provides RFID with a full range of applications with stronger application sustainability, and achieving harmonious, convenient and comfortable transportation is the ultimate goal of all transportation technologies, At this level, the closer we are to the fracture, the greater the deformation. It is reasonable to expect that RFID will bring us more surprises

although there are still many problems in the domestic RFID industry, in China, which is used to leapfrog development, as long as there is a suitable opportunity, it will be possible to surpass it. Now the large-scale application of RFID in the field of transportation is the general trend. Perhaps when we are proud that China has a huge and mature RFID industry for several years, we will thank the transportation application for bringing RFID a fulcrum of leap

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