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Transparent packaging has become a popular trend

real materials and real colors are becoming the standard for consumers to choose food. Transparent packaging can let consumers know the inside food at a glance. Therefore, whether it is beverages or snack food, transparent packaging has become a popular trend, and is even going beyond the traditional packaging selection factors, becoming the key to guide consumption and determine the packaging style and materials. For example, in the United States, 85% of food has been packaged in transparent packaging, showing an upward trend

transparent packaging forms are pleasing to the eye

there are various forms of transparent packaging

the scope of transparent packaging is very wide. In addition to bottles and bags, it is generally believed that cardboard substrate packaging, windowed packaging, body fitted packaging and clamshell blister packaging belong to the scope of transparent packaging. The main materials used for transparent packaging are plastic and glass

among transparent plastic bottles, PET bottles are the most common. PET bottle is a high-strength and transparent stretch blow molding bottle made of amorphous bottle blank through stretch blow molding process. The most widely used small bottles range from tens of milliliters to 2 liters. At present, PET bottles in the domestic food market are mainly used to package carbonated soft drinks, hot filled beverages, mineral water, edible oil, seasoning, alcohol and other foods. It is predicted that by 2005, the demand for PET bottles in China will reach million tons, and the consumption of various pet bottle blanks will exceed 20billion

in plastic flexible packaging, body fitted packaging and blister packaging with paperboard substrate are transparent on one side; The window opening package is partially transparent; Clamshell blister packaging is a new type of packaging, which is transparent on both sides. In the United States, the average annual growth rate of such high visibility packaging is 13%, of which clamshell blister packaging is the fastest growing, with an average annual growth rate of 20%

glass packaging containers, with good chemical stability, non-toxic and tasteless, no adverse reactions with food, and good transparency, are especially suitable for transparent sales packaging. It has four types: narrow mouthed bottles, large mouthed bottles, cans and cylindrical glass bottles, which are mainly used for packaging sugar, honey, jam, beer and other food

practical application

beverage packaging

beverage is the largest market for transparent food packaging, and the main packaging forms include plastic bottles and glass bottles

among plastic bottles, PET bottles have the largest consumption. Judging from the market share of major beverage countries in the world, pet packaged beverages are growing rapidly. Among the four major beverages, including carbonated drinks, fruit juice drinks, tea drinks and bottled water, PET bottles account for more than 70%. In China, as the growth rate of the beverage market has always remained at about 20%, the demand for PET bottles for beverage packaging has also increased by double digits. PET bottles are popular not only because of their light weight, high strength, good sealing and other advantages, but also because of their transparent characteristics. Consumers can clearly see the contents through the bottle wall

glass bottle is a traditional packaging container. It has stable chemical properties, high transparency and barrier, and can be made into products of various shapes and colors. At present, glass bottles are mainly used for packaging fruit juice and beverage products with pulp, and a small number of carbonated beverages are packaged in glass bottles

snack food packaging

due to its "leisure" characteristics, this kind of food pays more attention to packaging. Using transparent packaging, the shape, color and texture of candy, plum, etc. can be completely presented in front of consumers who choose the right tension machine. The packaging forms made of plastic materials, such as paperboard substrate packaging, windowed packaging, body fitting packaging, will show their advantages incisively and vividly in this field

only a few candies with high moisture-proof requirements or gift style are packaged in glass bottles with good sealing performance

edible oil packaging

in recent years, the market demand for PET bottles has been rising. PET bottles are oil-resistant, transparent, non-toxic, tasteless, not easy to break, good barrier to oxygen, and good shielding against ultraviolet rays, which can protect edible oil from oxidation and deterioration for a long time. There is basically no market for glass bottles in this field

packaging of seasoning commodities

liquid condiments are mainly packaged in glass bottles. Narrow mouth bottles are mostly used for chili sauce and tomato sauce, while wide mouth bottles are mostly used for pickles. Salt, sugar and other solid condiments are mostly packed in transparent plastic bags

increasing the temperature of plastic will activate these intelligent technologies, add glass and reduce

plastic products have become a kind of packaging container with the fastest development because of its advantages of light weight, transparency, beauty, flexible design, convenient use and low cost. This feature is also reflected in the food packaging industry. Especially in beverage packaging, plastic bottles are mainly PET bottles, partially replacing glass bottles

before the production of PET bottles, glass bottles were widely used to contain liquid, powdery, granular, paste or block foods, such as milk, beverages, fruit juice, wine, jam, etc. Especially carbonated drinks and bottled water, which used to account for 80% of the total demand for glass packaging materials

with the change of times, the lifestyle of consumers has also changed. More and more consumers hope that packaging containers can be more convenient to carry. This is exactly what glass bottles cannot meet. It is heavy and easy to break due to collision. The PET bottle just meets this demand. It is transparent, not easy to break, and light and easy to handle. Therefore, PET bottles have been favored by many consumers and manufacturers. In the past five years, the annual growth rate of PET bottles in the world has reached 18%, of which 77% is used for food packaging. According to statistics, pet is used as the packaging material for half of the soft drinks in the world (excluding pulp drinks and syrup drinks)

nevertheless, due to its strong barrier and good texture, glass bottles are still considered to be one of the most practical soft drink packaging materials. In addition to fruit juice and beverage products with pulp, are glass bottles still tenacious? The packaging field of canned honey products and liquid condiments. As far as honey is concerned, because it is an acidic viscous liquid, which has corrosive effect on metals such as zinc, iron, aluminum and plastic barrels, and glass has strong acid resistance, it has become the preferred material for honey packaging. Moreover, in recent years, glass packaging containers have made great progress in high reinforcement and lightweight, so that their consumption is still increasing year by year, accounting for 10% of the total packaging containers

improving the barrier property is the key

the barrier property of packaging materials is an important performance, because the shelf life of packaging products is directly related to it

using high barrier materials is the most direct way to improve the barrier of packaging. At present, the industrialized high barrier plastic packaging materials mainly include EVOH, nylon, PVDC and pen. Among them, PVDC is a kind of packaging material with the best comprehensive barrier performance in plastic packaging in the world. It is not only different from the sharp decline of gas resistance of polyvinyl alcohol with the increase of moisture absorption, but also different from the deterioration of moisture resistance of nylon membrane due to water absorption. It has excellent moisture and gas resistance, which can double the shelf life of food. The chemical structure of pen is similar to that of pet, but its rigidity is greatly improved. Its oxygen resistance and heat resistance are several times higher than that of pet. In addition, pen has good ultraviolet absorption and low gas adsorption. The food it contains does not leave any flavor and can be reused

however, due to the high cost of these high barrier materials, they are generally not used alone, but through blending, surface coating, multilayer composite, tensile orientation and other methods to enhance the barrier properties of ordinary materials. For example, a layer of barrier polymer materials such as pvdc/evoh can be coated on the surface of PE, PP, PVC, PS, pet, PA and other substrates, and the oxygen permeability and water permeability of BOPP after coating are equivalent to the original 1/1000 and 1/4 respectively. According to the coating needs, it can be single-sided, double-sided or even multi-layer coating. In terms of blending, the blending of pen and pet is a typical example. Mixing 15% pen with 85% pet, and then through a special process, its performance indicators are greatly improved, almost reaching the level of glassware, and its packaging performance price ratio is better than that of glass bottles

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