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The development of highly transparent non yellowing cast polyurethane elastomer is successful

the synthetic material factory of Shanxi Institute of chemical industry has recently developed a highly transparent non yellowing cast growth and proliferation functional polyurethane elastomer. The material is synthesized by semi prepolymerization reaction system. The process conditions are: mixing temperature 80 ℃, vulcanization temperature 100 ℃, gel time min; The physical property of the film is Shao a hardness 70. When used as a material, the high molecular polymer is required to have the necessary mechanical properties of 90, tensile strength MPa, tear strength kn/m, and light transmittance 91%-93%

the polyurethane elastomer has the properties of good optical transparency, long light transmission durability, weather aging resistance, no yellowing, oil resistance, low temperature resistance, liaoli and so on. It is found that the addition of waste plastics is beneficial to reduce the temperature sensitivity of asphalt and improve the high temperature stability of asphalt. Moreover, the addition of waste plastics also plays a positive role in the improvement of low temperature performance of asphalt within a certain range Good wear resistance and impact toughness. It is suitable for manufacturing optical transparent devices, transparent trademarks and products that do not turn yellow and become highly transparent

information source: information about the chemical industry

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