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The transportation industry embarks on mendix low code development "express"

the application trainwise can remind passengers of the number of passengers in the railway carriage in real time, so that passengers can plan their journey accordingly

by using mendix low code rapid development platform, the Dutch national railway company completed the minimum feasible product in only three weeks, which can handle the passenger volume of the entire Dutch railway after expansion

Beijing, China, On June 21, 2021, mendix, a Siemens business, the global leader in enterprise low code application development, announced that Netherlands National Railway Corporation (NS) has developed a new customer application trainwijzer (trainwise) through mendix low code development platform. Through this application, the passengers of the Dutch national railway company can know the congestion degree of the train they plan to take in real time and choose different trains to avoid the crowded carriage. Trainwise is the second client application created by Netherlands national railway company using mendix low code platform

nowadays, mendix enterprise low code rapid development platform has rapidly penetrated almost all industries, and this application of Netherlands national railway company is a strong proof. With many powerful features and functions, mendix platform enables professional developers and citizen developers to create new cloud applications that meet urgent needs at a very fast speed. The trend of remote office caused by the epidemic will further accelerate the adoption of this development model

passengers only need to log in to trainwise and select the departure and arrival stations and departure time. The application can quickly display the expected occupancy rate and notify passengers of changes in the number of passengers, providing more convenience and options for passengers who want to avoid crowded carriages

Robin van veen, product director of national railway of the Netherlands, said: we first studied the existing booking software, and found that these solutions could not provide the functions we wanted. The Netherlands national railway company has cooperated with mendix to develop several internal applications before. The technical team knows its powerful functions very well. Facing the urgent needs, we finally decided to use mendix low code rapid development platform to create our own application

mendix low code platform is a visual application development method. Developers with different experience levels can use drag and drop components and model driven logic through the graphical user interface to create pages and mobile applications


trainwise application is the second low code application created by the Dutch national railway company for customers. Robin van veen, the person in charge of the product, explained that elastopan is a multi-component polyurethane (foam) composite. We hope passengers can travel by train comfortably and safely, especially during the epidemic. With this application, passengers can register their journeys and help us gain valuable insight into the occupancy rate, so as to easily predict which trains will be crowded and notify passengers in advance, bringing them a safe and comfortable travel experience in the center with seven professional inspection rooms

NLR mobile technology center

since 2018, NLR has created 35 applications using mendix. Most of the company's internal applications are developed in its mobile technology center (CCM), and mendix low code platform plays an increasingly important role in this department. Joline davidse, product manager of national railway of the Netherlands, said: the mendix team in our company was established nearly three years ago. Since its establishment, the number of teams has more than doubled. Although it is still in the epidemic period, the scheduling of new projects has been saturated again. It is expected that the number of applications developed with mendix and the number of team developers will continue to increase in the coming year. Trainwise app has proved that even for more complex projects, the change-over switch can be turned to the loading file and quickly realized with mendix platform

NLR attaches great importance to scalability when developing trainwise applications. Aizo krikke, product director of the railway company, said: trainwise is released nationwide, so we must ensure that it can provide services to a large number of users. After many performance tests, the application has proved its strength and can well meet the scale requirements of the Dutch national railway company. Today, trainwise helps thousands of passengers across the Netherlands choose carriages and trains with appropriate passenger flow every day, so that they can travel comfortably and safely

unprecedented development and online speed

NLR released the smallest viable product in only three weeks. Aizo krikke, the person in charge of the product, said: this ten person team brought together professional business engineers, testers, product leaders and developers from the Netherlands National Railway Corporation and mendix partner first consulting. This team enables us to develop applications on a technical level. We made full use of the strength of other departments of NLR, such as the communication department, and realized the launch of trainwise with the fastest speed and the highest efficiency. Menjany said: "These are very differentiated business Dix platforms, which enable us to complete the test in just a few weeks and bring the application to the market. Now, every passenger in the Netherlands can use this joint application to plan the trip according to the information it provides, and help us improve the crowd management at the railway station and on the train.

in the summer of 2020, the Netherlands National Railway Company in Amsterdam zandford line Trainwise was tested in the pilot project of (a popular beach destination). Robin van veen, head of product, said: This is our first successful test. Test passengers said that trainwise reminded them of their success in avoiding overcrowded trains through data

extended functions: booking desks and ensuring safe commuting

NLR and mendix are still working together to improve the trainwise application. Aizo krikke, the person in charge of products, added: in order to ensure the safety of the current working environment and improve work efficiency, more and more large enterprises will deploy workplace reservation systems. We plan to integrate trainwise applications into these systems. Employees can use this application to make an appointment for the office location of the company. At the same time, trainwise will also connect with the appointment tools of the employer, so that employees can directly register their train journeys in these tools to ensure the safety of their commuting journeys

mendix customer success manager rob versluis said: trainwise application is an excellent case, which proves that enterprises can develop an effective large-scale application that provides excellent services to a large number of users and complies with strict privacy and security regulations in just three weeks by using mendix. The NLR team will continue to improve trainwise to provide better insights for passengers and rail companies

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