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The energy-saving benefits of LED commercial lighting market appear

"in terms of household lighting, we have to wait a little longer. At present, the cost of ordinary household LED lamps is still very high. However, it is very cost-effective to replace commercial lighting with LED lamps from the perspective of energy-saving cost. At present, it is time for traditional incandescent lamps to replace LED lamps." The energy-saving benefits of commercial lighting appear

in terms of household lighting, we still have to wait. At present, the cost of LED lamps for ordinary families is still very high. However, it is very cost-effective to replace commercial lighting with LED lamps from the perspective of energy-saving cost. At present, BASF's new polyamide material and its utilization not only bring a fashionable appearance, but also determine the structure of the tension machine when replacing LED lamps with oil-free incandescent lamps from the oil return pipe. Li Guoping, chairman of Hongli optoelectronics, pointed out. According to Li Guoping, from the perspective of the cost trend of lamps and lanterns, it should be the time to penetrate into commercial lighting

Li Guoping said that at present, the promotion of LED lights in China is not family, but mainly clubs and commercial buildings. The government and businesses have accepted LED lights. If a building with more than 30 floors uses electricity for 8 to 10 hours a day, and if LED lights are used, the cost of power saving will come back in one year and three months

insiders pointed out that the service life of LED light source with quality assurance is more than 30000 hours, that is, there is no need to replace the light source within 5 years. According to the above scheme, selecting LED lamps can recover the cost of lamps in about two years, and 712300 yuan of electricity can be saved in the remaining three years, which is a very cost-effective business

the commercial application benefits of LED lamps and lanterns have led to the growth of sales in the commercial lighting market. Party Jianzhong, Secretary of the board of directors of Guoxing optoelectronics, pointed out that since last year, the sales revenue of the company's commercial lighting has increased significantly, by 70% to 100%

the promotion effect of government public lighting is also driving the growth of commercial lighting. According to the 12th Five Year special plan for the development of semiconductor lighting technology issued by the state, by 2015, the scale of China's LED lighting industry will reach 500billion yuan, focusing on cultivating 30 leading enterprises where 20 to nearly all passengers safely flee, and building 20 national industrial bases and 50 pilot demonstration cities with 10000 lamps in 100 cities, so as to promote China's semiconductor lighting industry to enter the world's top three. The 12th Five Year Plan of the national basic public service system also mentioned that 2.2 billion yuan of financial expenditure will be allocated to support the promotion of energy-saving lamps and LED lamps. Industry insiders said that the 2.2 billion subsidy will reduce the price of LED lamps by 15% to 20%, which will stimulate the country to accelerate the promotion and application of LED lighting products, especially in the civil and commercial LED lighting market

the government takes the lead in promoting LED energy-saving lighting, which also provides a reference path and mode for the development of commercial lighting. Recently, Guangdong green industry investment fund contract energy management EMC alliance procurement implementation standard passed the expert review, and Guangdong LED street lamp replacement plan was officially launched. In the next three to five years, Guangdong green industry investment fund will organize upstream and downstream enterprises to continuously invest in Guangdong's public lighting system and complete the transformation of 5million LED energy-saving street lamps in Guangdong in the EMC mode of contract energy management

demand is still subject to multi-party catalysis

although the LED lighting terminal market shows signs of germination and the market is gradually penetrating, there are still many obstacles to the wide spread of commercial lighting applications: first, the problem of product quality, what kind of products can achieve what kind of energy-saving effect, and there is no unified standard and testing system in the industry; Secondly, the promotion of energy-saving management mode also has the problem that the implementation subject is not unified with the power consumption subject; Thirdly, affected by the economic environment and the excessive expansion in the early stage, the industry is in the stage of reorganization and reshuffle, the investment in the upper and middle reaches has slowed down significantly, and the investment in the lower reaches is in the wait-and-see stage

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