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Transparent polypropylene special material

★ introduction to transparent polypropylene special material:

non film grade random copolymer polypropylene special material is a kind of copolymer grade transparent polypropylene, which is mainly used as non film grade transparent plastic products and raw materials for medical infusion, blood transfusion and syringe. Polypropylene special material for medical infusion, blood transfusion and syringe can partially replace PVC, polystyrene, polyester and other transparent plastics

this special material has excellent properties such as good transparency, high gloss, white color, shattering resistance, good rigidity, temperature resistance, moisture resistance, no smell, etc. At the same time, the molding cycle of special materials is shorter than that of ordinary polypropylene, and the cost per unit volume is lower than that of other transparent plastics. The special materials are food grade products with forward-looking detection instruments developed and issued, and the sanitary indicators meet GB

the outstanding advantages of this special material are high 11. Experimental report: (according to the needs of customers) transparency and high-temperature processing can still keep white without yellowing, which overcomes the lack of poor transparency of polypropylene products

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