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Energy saving and frequency conversion transformation scheme of fans in cement plant 1. Overview of fans in cement plant:

the cost of electricity in the cement industry has become the third largest expenditure after the cost of raw materials and labor; In today's electricity shortage, saving electricity has become a major event for business operators to consider; The fan of the cement plant is one of the important equipment of the cement plant, and it is also one of the main power consumption equipment. The capacity of the fan is selected according to the maximum design output of the machine, and a certain margin is left. In use, the fan operates at the maximum speed for a long time. Due to the changes of season, day and night and production conditions, In fact, "whether it is shock damping that can withstand a wide temperature range, the air volume demand is much lower than the design load in most of the time; under the condition of fixed speed, when the wind of the fan is also the main driving force to promote the continuous growth of glass fiber market demand, it can only be discharged through the bypass duct (or control the air inlet volume of the damper) This will cause a serious waste of power consumption. Therefore, it is of certain practical significance to carry out frequency conversion and energy-saving transformation of fans in cement plants

II. Principle of variable frequency energy saving:

at present, among all kinds of mechanical and electrical equipment in all walks of life in China, the motors supporting fans and pumps account for about 60% of the installed capacity of motors in the country. Check whether the failure is eliminated, and the power consumption accounts for about one third of the total power generation in the country. In particular, it is worth mentioning that most fans and pumps have the phenomenon of big horse pulling small car in the process of use. In addition, due to changes in production and technology, it is necessary to often adjust the flow, pressure, temperature, etc. of gas and liquid; At present, many units still use the backward way to adjust the flow, pressure and temperature of gas or liquid by adjusting the opening of air baffle or valve. In fact, this is to meet the requirements of process and working conditions for gas and liquid flow regulation by artificially increasing resistance and at the cost of wasting electric energy and money. This backward regulation method not only wastes valuable energy, but also has poor regulation accuracy, which is difficult to meet the requirements of modern industrial production and services, and the negative effects are very serious

according to the principle of fluid mechanics, the fan air volume is related to the motor speed power: the fan air volume (flow) is directly proportional to the first power of the fan motor speed, and the fan air pressure is directly proportional to the second power of the fan motor speed, The shaft power of the fan is directly proportional to the third power of the fan motor speed (that is, the shaft power of the fan is directly proportional to the third power of the power supply frequency). According to the above principle, changing the fan speed can change the fan power

III. advantages of KV2000 non inductive vector converter

stable system equipment operation, strong anti-interference ability, soft start (no starting impulse current), high efficiency and energy saving, fast investment recovery, perfect protection function, remote control, simple operation, convenient installation, dual loop control of industrial frequency conversion, automatic switching, guaranteed safe operation, low noise, and remarkable environmental protection effect. To recast the military spirit, we must first correct the military style.

IV. investment and energy conservation:

when the frequency conversion energy-saving system (device) is used in various speed regulation systems, its energy-saving effect can be achieved for a single device%, and the average energy-saving effect in the general application of equipment such as fans and pumps can also be achieved 20 ~ 70%. In the absence of the influence of other factors, the upper limit is generally acceptable. The average value of these energy-saving effects is obtained from practical application, According to the power saving rate of 20%, theoretically speaking, the annual power consumption of 315KW motor is 315kw/hour × 24 hours × 30 days × 12 months × 80% (the actual power consumption is slightly less than this value due to the load change of the fan. If it is calculated by 0.8), the annual power consumption is about 2.17 million kwh. If the power saving rate is 20%, the annual power saving is about 440000 kwh. Calculated by 0.6 yuan per kWh, the electricity cost saved is about 260000/year. The investment payback period of frequency conversion energy-saving system (device) is generally months (this is an empirical value and authoritative data)

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