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Transparent polypropylene has become a new advantage in the market. It is non-toxic and heat-resistant, and the price is low.

polypropylene is the common material (PP) in our life with an output value of nearly 100 million yuan. Its shadow can be seen in some plastic products such as lunch boxes and mineral water bottles, and it also organized by the Ministry of industry and information technology to carry out the basic situation investigation of China's lithium battery industry, which has established new advantages in the market with non-toxic, heat-resistant and low price, Compared with other commonly used transparent materials, transparent PP has excellent transparency and gloss, light weight and low price, good stiffness and comprehensive performance, recyclability and high thermal deformation temperature (generally greater than 1l0 ℃), which makes it widely used

production technology of transparent PP

at present, there are three industrialized production technologies of transparent PP [1]: (1) add transparent nucleating agent into PP resin; (2) Using Z-N catalyst to produce random copolymerized PP; (2) High transparent PP was produced with metallocene catalyst

types and applications of transparent PP nucleating agents

inorganic transparent nucleating agents mainly refer to talc powder, silica, mica, etc. This kind of transparent nucleating agent is cheap and easy to obtain. A small amount of use can improve the transparency of products, but it is difficult to disperse in PP, and it has a shielding effect on light. Too much dosage will affect the transparency of products, which limits its large application

the nucleation mechanism of this kind of nucleating agent: when PP crystallizes from the melt, the surface of the nucleating agent acts as an electron donor to form a hydrogen bond with the methyl group of PP, the PP lamellar molecular chain grows on the surface of the nucleating agent, and a transcrystalline region is formed between the PP melt and the surface of the nucleating agent. X-ray diffraction studies show that the development of the durometer market is strictly in accordance with the needs of consumers, and the PPN axis is oriented along the direction of crystal growth, The b axis is consistent with the c axis of nucleating agent; The cell structure of nucleating agent is consistent with that of PP

the transparent polypropylene market also makes the market of recycled plastic granulators more and more optimistic about new advantages

with the recognition of the market for transparent PP, the transparent modification of PP is one of the hot spots of modification at present. Due to its advantages of low cost and processing on traditional molding equipment, transparent PP has greater advantages compared with traditional transparent materials such as polyethylene terephthalate (PET), and its demand continues to rise. At present, there are many varieties of general-purpose low-performance PP in China, and the market tends to be saturated, but the output of high value-added high transparency PP is less, which is closely related to the backward research and development of domestic transparent nucleating agents, and there is a big gap compared with the foreign advanced level. Therefore, based on the national conditions of our country, it is of great practical significance to develop some efficient, multifunctional and low-cost transparent nucleating agents

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