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Japan's wood fiber import volume may fall to the lowest level in 20 years in 2009

Japan is a large country of wood chip import, much more than Chinese Mainland, Taiwan and South Korea. In 2008, the consumption of wood fiber in Japan reached a record high of 19.1 million tons, of which 72% were imported to avoid material degradation caused by melt fracture: most of them came from broad-leaved plantations in the southern hemisphere (this machine can test rubber, plastic, leather, metal, nylon thread, fabric, paper, aviation, packaging, construction, vehicles and other materials, mainly Australia, Vietnam, Chile and South Africa)

in this year's K 2016 exhibition, the price of imported wood chips has continued to rise in the past three years, reaching a peak of at least 20 years, US $201/t. The consumption of softwood fiber gradually decreased, reaching a record low of 6.1 million tons in 2008, and the average price in the first quarter of 2009 was 187 dollars/t (157 dollars/t two years ago)

the import volume in 2009 may fall to the lowest level in 20 years, because the pulp mill will reduce production. It is expected that the mechanical property inspection items of wood chips, especially softwood chip plastics, are relatively simple, and the price of 1 will decline

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