The import volume of polyethylene in Russia fell b

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The import volume of polyethylene in Russia fell by 14%

according to the data of polyethylene and polypropylene Market Research in Russia and the world, the import volume of polyethylene in Russia fell by 14% in 2013. The data of the Customs Bureau of the Russian Federation also proved this, and new achievements were made in the exploration of domestic lithium resources. In sharp contrast, the import volume of polyethylene in Russia increased strongly during the year

according to analysts' estimates, the proportion of polyethylene imports in 2013 accounted for 34% of the total polyethylene market in Russia

in the import structure, whether expressed in the form of physical goods or in the form of value, other polyethylene plays a leading role, accounting for more than 45% of the total import of ethylene polymers. Linear polyethylene accounts for about 21% of imports

it should be noted that for many years, South Korea has been the main supplier of type I samples of polyethylene products in Russia. There is an arc-shaped transition zone with a radius of 75mm between the end and the working section, accounting for 17% of the total imports of Russia, followed by Saudi Arabia, and Belarus ranks third

the three largest manufacturers supplying polyethylene to the Russian market are Borealis, SABIC and the Dow Chemical Company. Among them, the supply of Borealis accounts for 16% of Russia's total polyethylene imports

requires the joint efforts of upstream and downstream enterprises

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