The development trilogy of the most successful sel

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The development trilogy of successfully selecting excellent dealers

the development trilogy of successfully selecting excellent dealers

December 26, 2013

[China paint information] the development of dealers is the first and most critical link in the implementation of channel management in distribution enterprises. The later market approval management and terminal management are based on this link. For most domestic enterprises, there is a market for what kind of dealers there are. The quality of choosing dealers in the regional market directly determines whether the market can be developed efficiently and successfully. The importance of dealers is self-evident. Choosing the right dealers is the first step for the successful development of the market. If the choice of dealers is too hasty or accommodating, it will bring endless troubles to the later market development and pay a painful price. Either the dealers do not actively cooperate with the enterprise to develop the market, and the market progress is slow, Or it is the result that enterprises have to replace dealers when the market has been "rotten". Facts have proved that the difficulty of restarting a problematic "rotten market" is at least three times that of developing a new market! Just as the saying goes, "plan and then move", many wars have been decided before they really start, so choice is the key to success or failure! So in the actual market development process, how can we successfully choose excellent dealers? The author believes that "playing" the following trilogy is very important

first episode: positioning - describe your "love"

facing a strange and blank market, before officially developing dealers, enterprises first need to clarify the question is, what kind of dealers do we need to develop? How many dealers need to be developed? Is it necessary to develop a distributor of Ka channel or a distributor of circulation channel? Is it to develop a full item dealer or a sub item dealer? The number and nature of dealers' development depend on the size of the regional market and the manufacturer's channel design strategy. For example, the regional market area is large and there are many points. If one dealer is not enough to achieve full coverage, it needs two or more dealer subregions to achieve full coverage. For another example, the channel strategy of many enterprises is to set up different types of dealers according to the channel type. Ka channels set up professional Ka dealers, circulation channels set up professional circulation dealers, special channels set up professional special dealers, etc. The author believes that it is not enough to clarify the number and type of dealers, We also need to start with the key indicators to measure dealers, and clearly describe the specific "appearance" of dealers through qualitative or quantitative standards. The so-called key indicators to measure dealers mainly include: willingness to cooperate, business awareness, capital, network, hardware facilities (warehouse area, vehicles, etc.) , team, terminal customer information, etc. By comparing and analyzing the characteristics of their products and the channel strategies they plan to design, enterprises will accurately describe the "specific" appearance of the dealers they need ". for example, through a series of analysis, it is concluded that we need to find a dealer with strong willingness to cooperate, advanced business awareness, working capital of more than 1million, warehouse area of more than 1000 square meters, more than 5 delivery vehicles, terminal based network, which can cover villages and towns, good terminal customer conditions, and its own business team of more than 10 people. Only after careful positioning analysis can we achieve a targeted goal To find

second episode: screening - find "the person you love"

after determining the number and type of dealers to develop, the next thinking is where are the people we are looking for in the "vast business sea" and how to quickly find them? The author believes that there are mainly the following methods: 1. Through terminal visit and inquiry, the front-line marketing personnel of the enterprise can obtain relevant dealer resources by going deep into the terminal store to visit and talk with the shopkeeper. The so-called related dealers refer to the dealers whose sales channels of other products being distributed by the dealers are consistent or basically consistent with the product channels planned by the enterprise. For example, dairy enterprises focus on acquiring dealer resources such as Mengniu, Yili or Master Kang beverages, instant noodles, etc. One of the ways to quickly collect dealer resources is worth mentioning here. Generally, excellent enterprises require business personnel to post customer service cards in a prominent place at the entrance of the terminal when visiting the terminal. The names and contact information of local dealers are left on the cards in detail. By checking the customer service cards of various manufacturers, we can get the contact information of local high-quality dealers most quickly. At the same time, enterprise personnel can also observe the terminal performance of dealers' existing brands during the terminal visit, and have an intuitive understanding of dealers' terminal control ability. Through 3 Lubricating oil is not allowed for the rotating bearing of the inner shaft of the main shaft of the dynamometer and the rotating bearing in the pointer structure, so as to avoid oil pollution and sensitivity to the mechanism When protected, clean the dry kerosene and inject a little high-quality lubricating oil (such as # 1 spindle oil) to prevent rust The oil tank should be checked frequently. If the oil level of the oil tank is lower than the high oil window, it should be added to the sinking oil level Consciously design problems, listen to the terminal owner's evaluation of these dealers, and also be able to understand the timeliness of delivery, after-sales service level, terminal customer situation, etc. Of course, this method requires the business personnel of the enterprise to have better communication skills and keen insight. 2. Through the introduction of friends and friends who know each other in the same industry, the enterprise can quickly gain the trust of dealers. For the sake of human face, if the product profit of the enterprise is considerable, generally the introduced dealers will try to distribute the product, which has the highest success rate. 3. Through the introduction of shopping mall procurement, if the enterprise needs to develop the dealers of Ka channel, the introduction of shopping mall procurement is the quickest method. More importantly, the dealers introduced by procurement generally have a good customer relationship with the shopping mall, including a good personal relationship with procurement, which is very helpful for the later product sales. 4. Through the information collection of relevant professional stations, with the rapid development of the network, many large-scale and powerful dealers will leave the relevant information of their company on the professional stations. It is not difficult to find some excellent dealer resources by browsing and logging in these stations

according to the authoritative research of Harvard University, there are no more than five people between us and any stranger, that is, we can know any stranger through five intermediaries at most. This is the famous six dimensional space theory. Therefore, as long as the business personnel of the enterprise have enough confidence and perseverance, they can find their "loved ones"

the third episode: promote - let "the person you love love love you "

after enterprises find high-quality dealer resources through various methods, the next key problem is to promote cooperation. The promotion stage is the most critical part of the whole trilogy of dealer development, and its significance is like a foot in the door in a football game. In the actual market development process, we often encounter such a situation, and the front-line marketing personnel of enterprises have worked hard to find the ideal dealer through various methods Shang, with full confidence, came to visit with samples, but the other party was not interested. In other words, you love him, but he doesn't love you at all! So how to make the dealers love you has become the most important key point in promoting cooperation. Psychological research shows that if you want someone to fall in love with you, it is nothing more than to meet two conditions: one is that you can meet each other's core needs, and the other is that you can resolve each other's worries and concerns. In the same way, To make dealers "fall in love with" "The most important thing for an enterprise is to meet the core needs of the dealer and resolve the psychological worries and concerns of the dealer when he wants to cooperate with you. So what is the core needs of the dealer? Or what does the dealer want most? The dealer is a businessman, business is business, and the core needs of the dealer is nothing more than profit. To put it more bluntly, it is necessary to make money by making your products. Of course, in addition to the profit demand, the dealer There will also be some demands for suppliers. In general, it is nothing more than the following aspects: 1. We hope that manufacturers can provide a number of products with both sales and profits; 2. It is hoped that the manufacturer can give it as much as possible, so as to make it almost like a paste or syrup with a large sales area, and it is best to sell it exclusively (even if they are unable to fully cover it); 3. It is hoped that the more the manufacturers' fee support for "no ceiling", the better; 4. I hope that the manufacturer will have a large number of personnel support, "Hanxin enlists more soldiers, the better"; 5. I hope the manufacturer will "love me forever" and never replace or add dealers (even if they can't keep up with the pace of the manufacturer's development); After knowing the needs of dealers, what are the dealers most worried about? The author believes that there are the following aspects: 1. Although the product has a certain profit, is it easy to sell or can it be sold in the actual sales process? 2. What is the strength of the manufacturer and how much does it invest in the market? 3. Whether the market management level of the manufacturer is high, how about the price control level, and whether there will be serious fleeing between regions, etc

after having a clear understanding of the psychological needs that dealers most want and worry about, the enterprise has also found the key elements to facilitate the negotiation. The author believes that the most important point is that the front-line negotiators of the enterprise must talk with the operation plan of the market plan in black and white, which can describe how to determine the main products of the market First, "capture" "Which channel, through what kind of package promotion plan, we hope to help you realize the rapid dynamic sales of products, how to set the price system, so as to realize the reasonable allocation of channel profits, and then mobilize the enthusiasm of channel members at all levels. Of course, if the plan wants to be recognized by dealers and finally impress dealers, it must be based on the full analysis of market characteristics, competitive products' advantages and disadvantages by enterprise personnel, rather than" Wishful thinking on paper. The more professional and detailed the plan is, the better. The biggest effect of the plan is to make dealers feel that if they do as described in the plan, the products may open the market and make money by themselves.

in addition to professional "technical" level negotiations, front-line market personnel of enterprises can also facilitate negotiations through some artificial "skilled" practices, For example, through many contacts, I found the dealer's personal hobbies and tried to satisfy him as much as possible. For example, occasionally do something that moves the dealer, and so on. If the negotiation with the dealer is really difficult to break through, you can also use the influence of the "people around" of the dealer through the way of "side attack"; For example, first convince the dealer's wife or the dealer's business manager. As long as the front-line personnel of the enterprise have enough confidence and endurance, the possibility of success will be greatly increased. Even if it is impossible, they should keep in touch with the dealers and strive to become friends. Maybe after a period of time, the dealers' ideas will also change, and perhaps there is the possibility that the proportion of exports to emerging countries will also greatly enhance cooperation

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