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Overview of the development, application and new technology of packaging film (Part I)

recently, a seminar on new products and deep processing technology of plastic packaging film industry was held in Beijing Yulong hotel. There were 11 manufacturers from the same countries as Baide and 4 domestic manufacturers giving factory speeches on 20 projects at the meeting. The same domestic and foreign manufacturers participating in the speech were: Germany kiofel, leifenhauser, morden, belstov. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of Japan, EGS and Davis of the United States, and Ali of Canada; France, Austria NgR, Finland kevis, Italy Corinth, Hong Kong Jebsen, Lanzhou Zhongjian, Jinan Languang, Western Airlines. This conference will show the development status, new technology progress and development trend of the international packaging film industry of the factory

I. market situation of main products of packaging film

1. Polypropylene film

recently, polypropylene films produced in China are mainly biaxial tensile film (BOPP), cast film (CPP), oriented polypropylene film (OPP) and other packaging films. Biaxially stretched film products are widely used in food soft packaging, color printing, clothing and other industries. Recently, the production capacity of biaxially oriented polypropylene film produced by Tongyong is about 900000 tons/year. 75% of the biaxially oriented polypropylene film produced is ordinary light film, smoke film instrument accounts for 10%, pearlescent film accounts for 7%, electrical film accounts for 3%, and other films account for 5%. Due to the low grade of our BOPP special material, it can only be used to produce ordinary light film, which is difficult to meet the requirements of high-speed and ultra-thin BOPP packaging film

oriented polyene (OPP) films can be used as labels and packaging materials for various consumer goods, such as fast food, candy, soft drinks and baked goods. They can meet various requirements. They have excellent printing performance, mechanical processing performance and moisture and light resistance. They can also be laminated on other materials such as paper, aluminum foil, PE or other polymer films. According to the statistics of PCI film company, the world demand for oriented polypropylene film was 3.17 million tons in 2002, and the production capacity increased to 3.8 million tons, of which the consumption in Western Europe was 823000 tons, about/; 26% of the world's total consumption of oriented polypropylene, and 85000 tons in Eastern Europe, accounting for about 2.7% of the total consumption

it is unlikely that oriented polypropylene film will be replaced by other products, but it may replace paper, sprayed metal film and aluminum foil, which will increase consumption. PCI film company predicts that before 2007, the world demand for oriented polypropylene film will increase at an average annual rate of about 7.7%, most of which will come from flexible packaging materials. The demand in Southeast Asia will grow at an average annual rate of about 10.0%. The production capacity of Zhongtong oriented polypropylene film will increase significantly, accounting for 29% of the world's total production capacity by 2007, which will have an increasingly significant impact on the world market. Small countries will increase exports to Southeast Asian countries and North America, and the balance of supply and demand will likely be broken, and the price will show a downward trend. The demand for oriented polypropylene film in Western Europe will increase at an average annual rate of about 5%, reaching 1.1 million tons by 2007; The growth prospects in Eastern Europe are good. In 2007, the demand will reach 124000 tons and the production capacity will reach 157000 tons/year. The directional polypropylene film industry will strengthen rationalization and reorganization, and European companies are likely to acquire or participate in Asian companies

2. Heat shrinkable film

the heat shrinkable film is designed based on the principle of polymer molecular chain stretching and orientation, and is formed by rapid cooling. Its physical principle is: when the polymer is in a high elastic state, it will be stretched and oriented, and then the polymer will be quenched to below the glass transition temperature, and the molecular orientation will be frozen. When the article is heated during the packaging process, due to the molecular motion, the stress relaxation will occur, and the molecules will return to their original state, resulting in shrinkage. At present, the common heat shrinkable films in the market include PE shrinkable film, PVC shrinkable film, PP shrinkable film, POF coextrusion shrinkable film, etc. in the large family of heat shrinkable packaging films, POF three-layer coextrusion heat shrinkable film is a new generation product that has gradually emerged and accepted by people in recent years

Pof-c3 heat shrinkable packaging film is a multi-layer environmental friendly and non-toxic heat shrinkable packaging material produced by coextrusion blow molding process with PE and PP as the main raw materials. In recent years, China has successively introduced equipment and raw materials to produce pof-c3 heat shrinkable film. Recently, more than 10 production lines have been put into operation, and there is still a large gap in performance, showing a good development momentum. Recently, the largest domestic enterprise producing this product is Baoding Baoyuan new plastic packaging materials Co., Ltd., which belongs to Hebei Dingshuo group. The accuracy of impact test data results is related to the rigidity of the fuselage. It is a Sino foreign joint venture enterprise specializing in the production of pof-c3 heat shrinkable packaging film, with an annual design production capacity of 12000 tons, complete product scale, and its equipment and technology are imported from abroad, with international advanced level

pof-c3 series heat shrinkable packaging films are widely used, which fully conforms to the world consumption trend of environmental protection and non-toxic. This kind of material can not only reduce the packaging production cost and transportation cost of users, reduce the packaging volume, but also greatly improve the productivity. It also has good transparency and can improve the visibility of products. It can quickly catch the attention of consumers on the shelves of supermarkets with fierce competition and a wide range of goods, and meet the psychological characteristics of consumers who like convenience and economy to bundle and package goods, It is especially suitable for the packaging and placement of supermarket goods, so it has been widely valued and applied in developed countries in Europe and America. The packaging application in the fields of beverages, convenience foods, daily chemical products, audio-visual products, recent books and periodicals, medicine, electronic components and other products has been very popular, and PVC heat shrinkable packaging film has basically become the mainstream product of heat shrinkable packaging materials. With the gradual improvement of packaging requirements for a large number of export commodities and the rapid development of domestic supermarkets, the application of pof-c3 heat shrinkable packaging film by many production and packaging enterprises will increase rapidly. The market prospect of pof-c3 series heat shrinkable film is very broad

3. Polyester film

biaxially stretched polyester film (BOPET film) is a very high-quality high-end plastic substrate, which is widely used in packaging, electrical, electronic, industrial, magnetic, photosensitive and other fields. China's BOPET film industry has experienced three climaxes since the 1980s, and developed rapidly in the early 1990s. Now the domestic BOPET film industry has begun to take shape. With the steady growth of the national economy and China's accession to the WTO, large multinational enterprises have transferred their production bases to China, and through the unremitting efforts of domestic BOPET film counterparts in anti-dumping in recent years, the domestic BOPET film market demand has grown rapidly in recent years, with both supply and demand booming, and a new upsurge in the development of BOPET film industry in the country has emerged. However, what deserves our attention is that according to various information, from 2003 to early 2005, 24 new BOPET lines will be put into production in China, and at least 8 new 10000 ton imported lines and domestic production lines are under negotiation or brewing. Most of these are new investors who first set foot in BOPET film industry. According to the preliminary statistics of the special committee, the domestic BOPET film production capacity will increase sharply to more than 500000 tons in 2005, and the total production capacity will quadruple the current level in 2002. From the second half of 2004, it is a foregone conclusion that supply exceeds demand. And it is expected that the oversupply situation will be extremely serious in 2005 and 2006, and the situation is very serious

due to its excellent characteristics such as high tensile strength, good electrical insulation and optical properties, cold resistance (-70%), heat resistance (200%), chemical corrosion resistance, oxygen and humidity resistance, and stable shrinkage, BOPET film is currently widely used in packaging, magnetic materials, imaging, industrial, electronic applications, among which packaging is the application field with the fastest growth in BOPET film demand. At present, most of the new production lines take packaging film as the target market. Once all these new production lines are put into operation, it is bound to cause oversupply in the packaging market. At the same time, the proportion of BOPET films for various electrical and electronic parts, industrial films and other types of BOPET films is difficult to keep pace with the development of market demand. It is expected that there will be some structural contradictions between the supply and demand of BOPET films in the future

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