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Pirci: safety equipment diagnosis helps reduce maintenance operations

intelligent networking production process can significantly improve productivity, but it can only be achieved when there is a wide range of data. Safety equipment diagnosis can provide support, and pierremagnetic's diagnosis scheme provides detailed diagnostic data

a convenient diagnostic system that reduces maintenance operations

safety equipment diagnostic system (SDD) enables users to call rich diagnostic data about pirci safety equipment. This will help reduce maintenance operations at the customer's site, and end users will benefit from higher machine utilization and reduced downtime

due to its easy expansion, the safety equipment diagnosis system can also provide support for mechatronics. The system includes fieldbus module, junction box and corresponding safety equipment (such as psencode). The traditional signal contacts of safety devices are automatically activated by the fieldbus module and enabled for the diagnostic system

file changes, reduce downtime

pierremagnetic's diagnostic solution records diagnostic data, such as serial number, version status, current status and past error status. These data are scanned and processed at the control level through MODBUS or PROFIBUS. In the future, this process can also be realized through PROFINET or Ethernet/ip, and then the data is displayed on the fieldbus module, PLC Monitor or computer screen through the network server

therefore, users can not only obtain standard samples on the machine, which are specified by all countries, but also obtain diagnostic data through remote access and use it for predictive maintenance. With the advent of industry 4.0, this will become more and more important. It is not only suitable for replacing worn parts in time, but also for maintaining safe operation according to physical principles. Using the stored data, the original state can be compared with the current state at any time, so that any changes on the machine can be found immediately, and no additional hardware is required at the control level

pierremagnetic diagnosis solution supports modular mode

another example of industrial 4.0 environment is the intelligent solution for functional safety of modular equipment. The linear cable structure of the diagnostic solution makes it relatively easy for the device to add another module. There is no need to rewire, change the control cabinet or design drawings, or any additional safety devices. Combined with psenmlock safety door system, the safety door can be controlled for the first time. These three points are the main maintenance measures of the experimental machine. When the equipment needs maintenance or tool replacement, you can define which safety doors can be opened after closing. If there is no safety equipment diagnosis, all safety doors will be opened

when the safety equipment diagnosis system is used together with the PIR magnetic control system that has supported the design of modular equipment, all the advantages of the rubber fatigue testing machine and the operating steps of the equipment can implement the flexible safety concept, which fully conforms to the spirit of industry 4.0 intelligent factory

as a safety expert from Germany, pirci's diagnosis solution is now available to provide intelligent diagnosis for future factories

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